Monday, January 30, 2012

It's official - she's a teenager!

Annabelle turned 13. I find this facinating since I feel like she's been 13 for a long time, yet I feel she was just 5 yesterday. For her birthday, she wanted a northwoods looking room. She has been debating about what to do to her room for more than a year and since it was decorated 10 years ago, we figured it was about time. You be the judge. I personally thought her room was lovely before but she wanted a change, but not too much of a change, since red is her favorite color. So when I want to relax and feel like I'm on vacation, I step into her new room. Happy birthday to the young lady who makes me smile everyday.
Room prior to make-over

After Make-over - Happy 13th Birthday! Chalk board paint between the windows!
Couldn't forget the details.

Annabelle helped me hang all the wallpaper.

No need to make a wish, her wish already came true! 

Annabelle loves her new room!


Angela said...

AWWW!!! i love this room! make me one! :D

~joanne said...! Is that really wallpaper? I thought Mark had taken up log cutting. That's pretty cool. The chalkboard paint is so cool! Great choice Annabelle!

Vicki said...

It really is wallpaper!